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65,Padamavati Colony B,Kings Road near Mansarovar Metro Station. Vaishali Nagar.. P.C. 302019, Jaipur, Jaipur.
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Meditation center in Jaipur

Tapasvi Shree Chaitanya Guruji helps people to get rid of insomina and drepression through his yoga practise named as yog nidra for isomnia.He also  provides many best meditation,yoga techniques for corporate stress free life and depression and metaphysical technique to people which help them to leave a stress free and peaceful life. 
Manoyog is one of the best  Meditation and Yoga Theropy centre in Jaipur,Rajasthan.It help people to get rid of physical and mental disease and live a better life.He also  organise free Meditation practise,free Diabetes relief program Stress ,free Health care and Fitness Camp,Relief Camps in Jaipur,special meditation classes for student,Rajasthan for people so that they could live a better and peaceful life.
A revolution in Education for Universal Harmony Modern and scientific knowledge has give human beings many facilities. Human beings have achieved many unimaginable milestones in life, but still a sense of emptiness prevails. Even gods may be jealous of achievements of mortals. Today man can walk over moon, fly over skies and move over water, however he is still not able to live a life filled with joy, happiness and contentment. What is easy for him, has become most difficult. What a paradox human life has bcome? Today we have money, but no enjoy. We have great healthcare system, but no health. We have air conditioned rooms and luxury beds, but no sleep. In brief there is existence of human beings but no life. All humans are looking for happiness. We must always one question - Why this happened? Where we separated ourselves from nature? An old poet has said, “Happiness & Contentment lies not in air conditioned and luxury cars, but it lies in living life in harmony with nature”. Our communication with animals, birds, hills, rivers and trees brings us a feeling of integrity of nature. We realize ourselves as a part of wider spectrum of nature. In old times sages and ascetics used to live with violent creatures. This co-existence in turn used to transform them from ordinary to extra-ordinary. Human beings have adopt a very amazing life style today. They have not only got separated from nature but have become enemy of nature. Foundation of our so called development lies in brute destruction of nature. Fertile lands are being turned into barrens and life giving rivers are being turned into poison. Human beings have become so myopic that they do not understand that there existence lies in conservation of nature rather than exploiting it. Not only nature, we are on the verge of destroying human relations. Property disputes have become bone of contentions among family member. Murders, attacks and deceptions have become common among close family reason for the cause of property disputes. Educated or illiterate, all are mad in this madness. It appears that real objectives of education have lost. Humans are supposed to achieve divinity but they are moving towards animality. It is a serious concern for modern society. What is the reason for this fall of society? To understand reason of fall of our society we have to look into societal structure of 17th century. In 17th century English people enslaved India, but they failed to conquer conscious of India. English failed to understand though Indian lacks modern facilities of prosperity still they are full of confidence and self-respect. They were anxious to know what the source of this confidence and self respect is. A committee was constituted.  This committee surveyed nook and corner of India. After this survey lord Macaulay announced in Parliament of England in 1835. Then a conspiracy was hatched. It was decided to demolish indigenous Gurukal education system and establish a culture of convent schools. As English understand to slave Indians mentally they have to corrupt their education system. Today our country is free from slavery but still we are living a life of mental slavery. After attending premier universities and institutes what our students are asking for. They are asking for a Job. Job is a euphemism for slavery. What is the sole objective of our education has become is getting job or establishing a career. Today IIT graduates of India are desperate to work of Microsoft. Who is the owner of Microsoft? Bill gates, a 12th pass man. He left his study in 12th class in Harvard University. It means that a Hindustani IIT Gold Medalist is working Hard and using its engineering skills for a 12th class failed person. What more misfortune will be? How much Henry ford and DheeruBhaiAmbani Studied? They were illiterate. All the Graduates of Management School and engineering college are curious to give their services in multinational companies. The meaning of so high class study can’t be slavery. Today, Parents, teachers, Professors and students have a same approach. They all run for placement and claim of best university all these universities

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Manoyog Sadhana- ‘the Scientific Solution’ The 21st century is the century of modernization, the era of technical development and it is also the era which is responsible for reducing‘life expectancy’ in humans. And if we consider ‘HEALTHY life expectancy’ than it is reducing even at a much faster rate. Technology has definitely been proven as a boon for humans but, the technological banes- increase in pollution, global warming, depression and many other similar problems are affecting human life style and health adversely. Tapasvi Shri Chaitanya Guruji understands this sincere point of concern and has been working for 25 years to develop a habit of healthy lifestyle among people and the techniques taught by him- manoyog and Omkar Sadhana and Yog Nidra has been proven as a miracle for those who attended these camps. But many people do not believe in these techniques and demand proofs without even trying these techniques. Guruji appreciates the curiosity within the people and in regards of that he has brought a solution to simplify the concept of manoyog Sadhana and its benefits to people. Guruji believes in scientific concepts and possess a great knowledge of various scientific theories and their applications. Guruji has taken a new initiative in which the health status of people will be analyzed scientifically using electro-photonic emissions. During this process, the machine applies a weak electrical current on the fingertips for less than a millisecond which stimulates the emission of photons and electrons from human skin and the imaging technique of that machine captures these emissions. The images are then projected graphically by the machine and these images show energy, stress and vitality evaluations related to each organ of the body. Thus, these images depict the health status of different portions of the body and indicates which parts of the body are affected with any problem or can get affected in few upcoming years. This means that we can get an idea about the diseases that might occur in our body by deep research of these images. Manoyog Sadhana, omkar Sadhana and Yog Nidra techniques are also nothing but the way to conquer the energy field of our own body and to improve the emission of positive energy. These techniques balance the electron cloud and energy field formation around the bodywhich directly eliminate any sort of defect. So Pragya Chaitanya foundation trust under the able leadership of Guruji has initiated a 40 day Sadhana Program. During this camp, firstly the health of people will be monitored technically using gas discharge visualization technique. Thus, people will come to know the areas of the body in which they have a problem or which might get affected in future. So,in 40 days of Manoyog Sadhana shivir under the guidance of guruji, people willbe taught these manoyog techniques with special reference to their personal physical or mental problems. Manoyog Sadhana gives assurance to cure any type of problems and people who attend this camp will definitely feel the improvement. And now it is possible to see the proof even, that is by using the same electro-photon emission technique. After 40-day camp, the health imaging graphs of people will again be mapped and people can themselves see the improvements in their health status. So now with the effort of guruji it is possible for people to relate scientific and manoyog techniques together and they will be able to see the proof of the benefits of these great ancient techniques. This will motivate people to focus on their health more and more.  Hence guruji’s aim of disease free and a healthy world can be achieved with the dedication of people and the efforts of PCFT.


Amirtahar   Note: Before taking Amritahar always pray this:-   Prayer – OH Lord, we all are part of your super consciousness. Please provide us the opportunity and capacity to awake our sharp mind and feeling of unity. The Prasad which I am taking is a contribution of every human being, I owe of all of them. We may live together. Please cooperate in making change in society.       Break Fast: Two figs(Anjeer), Four almonds, two sweet Dates are to be dipped in water in the night separately. 1.  Two slices of jalebi (करेला) 2.  Four Almonds 3.  Two Piece Anjeers. 4.  Two Piece dry Dates 5.  Papaya 6.  Cucumber 7.  Sprouts 8.  Banana   Note Water of Anjeer and sweet dates is to be drink. Sugar Patient should avoid Anjeer and Sweet Date.                 Lunch: ·       Halwa of beet Rout ·       Rayta (Petha) ·       Lockey ·       Carrot ·       Radish ·       Fruit Cream and ·       Fruit Season   3 Piece Munkka should be taken at 03:00 PM.   Dinner: Green Vegetables with Honey and fruit.   Note: 70 percent vegetables and 30 percent Fruits should be taken.   Amritahar’s  making method   1.  Juice of Paitha: Remove outer portion of paitha and make its juice mix it with Lemon, Ginger, Corianders and SendhaNamak and pulp of Paitha  will be used in Rayta.     2.  Rayta of petna: Curd, Corianders, dried fruits, Jeera powder and sendha Salt.   Method: Mix the pulp of Paitha in curd with above material.   3.  Halwa of Chakunder:-Chakunder, Banana, Sweet Dates, Honey, Good, Cashew.   Method: Mix pulp of chakunder in all above material.   4.  Namkeen of lockey – Lockey, Nariyal. Ginger, Lemon, Coriander and Anardana and little salt.   5.  Green real Vegetable:-Maithi, Spinach , Radish, Coriander, Honey, Sweet dates, Cashew.     6.  Namkeen of Carrot: Carrot, Nariyal, Coriander, Anardana, Salt.   7.  Fruit Cream: Apple, Banana, Papaya, Pomegranate, Cheeku, Cashew, curd, sweet dates, Ilaychi powder.     8.  Milk of soyabeen: Soyabeen,Ilaychi, Sweet Dates Kesar.   Mothod: Dipped soyabeen in water and mesh it with water in mixy then filter it in cloth.   9.  Curd of soyabeen: Please add some Jawan (जावन) in mixed of soyabeen. Now tasty curd is ready.   Note: Water should be less to get curd. 500gm water should be mix with for 100gm soyabeen.   10. Laddu– Raw Peanut, Nariyal meshed, Good, Honey, Ilaychi Powder.   Method: Crush Peanuts and mix above material.   11. Chowmin:Lockey, Cabbage, Carrot, Salt, Jeera, Lemon.   Information for Amrit food takers.   1.  Raw vegetables should be dipped in water him sea salt. 2.  Raw vegetable and fruits should not be taken together. The Proposition should be 3:1 3.  It is to be eaten slowly. 4.  Stone Patient should avoid tomato and spinach. 5.  Skin patient should avoid Lady finger and Brinjal 6.  Lemon and Salt should not be added in sported meal. 7.  Ashtma patient should avoid Banana, Cuthal(कटहल), Chakunder, sitafal, Pineapple etc. 8.  Mixture of petha juice and lemon will increase memory power. 9.  Green vegetables should be taken in Dinner.   Benefits of Amritahaar.


Approach  ofGuruJi Today every Human want to change other person not oneself. Everybody think that only he or she is right and others are wrong . In fact, whatever social economical and political problems that we see, feel and bear are not outside but these all problems start from our heart. What is outside is inside first whether it is corruption, terrorism, caste system, Fall in moral and ethical values, pollution etc. First of all these problem are in our mind and the problems of heart and mind is reflected outside. Today every Human being want to get three things :- Money, Fame and Power because of this blind race to get these three things society has been divided in Caste, Belief and social discrimination and due to this our political, industrial administrative and religious system is in a chaos. If we want to reform in system then first of all we have to do intensive study of personality because human being can do anything to achieve its desire. Industrialists give bribes to officers and politicians to get their work done. Officers and politicians always ready to sell their honesty for want of money and so called saints are followers of big industrialists, officers and politicians It seems that whole human community is on the verge of destruction. PragyaChaitnya foundation trust understand this serious problem and want to work in the field of personality development, self reliance  has planned a scheme of 6 to 15 years to work with youth community by which youth is personality with developed and is future these youth Industrials, officers and Saints will spread good values in their respective fields. To create this type of personality the work plan of trust is following :- 1.  Urgent Works :- In summer vacation trust will conduct Residential programmes with student of class 11th , 12th and higher class. In these residential programmes proper guidance and motivation will be given to make student give to make student independents and carries oriented. So that they can live the honest life for themselves and the society.     (2) Youth Empowerment GraminyuvachaitnyeJagranManch:-The youth is future of society. The youth of current time is suffering most from corruption, terrorism, caste system, and decline of moral values due to lack of comprehensive  Guidance today youth is dissection less and aimless and sometimes youth choose some bad habits. Today youth community is in need of proper Guidance. So the trust has decided to constitute a youth forum for youth community and with the help of this youth forum, the energy of youth can be diverted in Positive thinking and right was so that youth can be able to make their Future Bright. And This has been started From soda panchayat of Tonk and the plan of connection every village with these youth forum is following;- (A) First of all to constitute groups of 40-40 youth and then create the feeling of mutual coordination and Dedication. At this process, to discuss the various problem of family solution of those youths can participate in Development of village B) Awareness campaign will be conducted by group, In which Health, education, Agriculture and employment are mator campaigns various training program will be conducted by all me members of trust in association with guru ji. (c)The members of group will give labour donation before Rain for water management so that rain water can preserved in village and the problem of lack of water can be solved to do social program after the discussion will group members and to do work in Interest of village so that participation of group towards village can be ensured. (4)To organize seminars in various schools with students, parents, teachers and school coordinators so that qualitative change can take place in current education system and radical change can take place in education with the help of discussion on Lacunaes of current education system. To awake

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